Mytrix Complex 11t Wacom-stylus powered Intel Core-M tablet

Wacom is perhaps the most well-known name when we’re talking touch panels; and it would be only natural for a new brand to flaunt the affiliation with the brand, if it is the case.

Tablet maker Mytrix Technology today announced the Mytrix Complex 11t tablet, which being very true to its name, comes with a stylus. The the Mytrix Complex 11t also comes with an Intel Core-M series 5Y10c processor, and a healthy 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM.


If that isn’t enough to raise your eyebrows already, the tablet also features 64-bit of on-board storage,  a rather massive 9,000mAh battery and a camera combo of a 5 mega-pixel rear and a 2 mega-pixel front. The the Mytrix Complex 11t’s display will be a 1920 x 1080p 10.6 inch panel (apparently an IGZO panel), running full Windows 8.1 (free upgrade to windows 10).

Tablet complete set (tablet, keyboard dock, pen) will start at 599.99$ early July.