Announcement To Customers: Change of Brand Name

Mytrix Technology LLC

Add: 548 Donald St. Ste.3, Bedford, NH 03110 USA

Tel: +1-603-310-9188



Dear Customers,


We had switched our brand from “Cytrix Technology” to “Mytrix Technology”. The product Complex 11t Tablet we sold under the brand “Cytrix Technology” would be continuing warrantied under the new brand “Mytrix Technology”, and obey the Mytrix Technology Product Warranty Policy without exception. We will make sure the sum of the warranty period under brand “Cytrix Technology” and “Mytrix Technology” would match warranty period on the Mytrix Technology Product Warranty Policy. It’s only works for the products original purchase from [uShopMall]. For example, if you bought a “Cytrix Complex 11t Tablet” from [uShopMall] half years ago, you will still have half year hardware warranty under brand “Mytrix Technology”.

You can find the detail of Mytrix Technology Product Warranty attached, or read it by visiting our website Please contact us directly if you have any question or concern.



Mytrix Technology Support Team